[Yurei] Vampiric Ahri (First Skin)

[Yurei] Vampiric Ahri (First Skin)

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Hi, everyone. I'm Yurei and this is my first skin: Vampiric Ahri.

Since Ahri is my favorite champ, I wanted her to be the first one I would make a skin for. Here is what I modified:
- Overall recolour.
- As you can see I gave her some vampiric looks with glowing red eyes, teeth, and pallid skin.
- Also chose a cross as an emblem for her, putting it on her clothes and on the pendant.
- Then, added some laces and a cloth with a silver ring on her hand.
- Ah, and added red nails and lipstick.

In the .zip you will find the texture image in .dds format.

Thanks for reading. Hope you like the skin. Any comments are welcome.

Thank you! :D

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