Zerg Maw

Zerg Maw

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This skin is made on one of the races called "Zerg" in Starcraft and Starcraft 2.The void ooze particles looks a bit strange but still its not too bad.

Editions done in skin:

-The main color of the body is changed into some kind of brown
-The stripes or cut on his body is changed into scaly kind of
-His inner parts(mouth) is changed into red
-His eyes is turned into orange to look like a zergling`s eye
-His particles are done green and blood red
-Bio arcane barage changes him to a color like orange
-While dying some of kog maw parts turns red
-Explosion is very bloody as the purple blood is turned red
-Contains Loading Screen

Notes to install:
This skin requires Skin Installer Ultimate by Lord Greg Greg which probably you would have but for newbies no worries just follow leaguecraft`s tutorials on how to install skin, which will for sure refer you to Skin Installer Ultimate.
Once you have Skin Installer Ultimate, now comes the hardest part, Open Skin Installer Ultimate and drag all the goodies on the window of Skin Installer Ultimate while Install New Skin tab is selected. The skin will be added at Install existing skin. Now check the skin, hold your heart and press Install because if not done correctly explosions might occur. If done properly go on enjoy the skin.
Note: Some particles are still red (My Bad) because I didn’t wanted to make bleeding effects alienish.
And now a favor, give me a token of appreciation by clicking this link(Will only cost 5 sec of wait).
Khan Bhai

Link: http://adf.ly/9yO38

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